Saturday, April 26, 2014


I hope I make you proud..........

Today marks TWO years since I lost my dad........I can't quite believe it...

The pain and the 'rawness' is still there.....I would give absolutely anything to hear my dad's voice again and give him a big hug.....

We almost lost him then, but thanks to the wonderful care he got in Glasgow....(mum and dad were on holiday when he got taken seriously ill,) he was with us for another 7 and half years before he got pneumonia and his poor body could take no more........

I have found this beautiful poem and it sums up how I feel......I hope he would be proud of me and how I've coped.............

Missing you dad and love you. xxx

I Hope I Make You Proud Dad

© Jodie Ogle
I hope I make you proud dad, even though you're no longer here,
Your memory grows stronger, with every passing year,

At the end it was a battle, one you weren't to win,
A fight against a demon, no choice but to give in,

I wish I could've said goodbye, that evening when you left,
Told you you were my hero, and that you were the best,

Tears I cry in secret, at night before I sleep,
Wishing you were beside me, you'd be forever here to keep,

The years don't make it easier, they said the pain would go,
It seems I've just got better, not letting my feelings show,

Wishing I could hold your hand, to shout your name aloud,
You're no longer here dad, but I hope I make you proud.

I'll catch up with you soon, give an extra hug to your loved ones and hold them near.

She xx


misteejay said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely poem She.

Toni xx

rachel said...

sending you hugs She - big hugs - I'm sure your dad is proud of you xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

What a lovely poem She! Sentiments I can relate to! Strangely though - I am remembering more about my Mum and Dad as time goes by! Big hugs, Chrisx

massofhair said...

Big hugs to you She. Your Dad IS proud of you and everything you are. Great poem, thank you for sharing:-) xxx